Preventative medicine

Dr. Jeff Cripps at the Windsor Animal Clinic

Windsor Animal Clinic is very focused on preventative medicine. It can take many forms. One of the most important aspects is the annual physical exam. Many problems may discovered  early when it is easy to treat. We believe in doing this at every visit. Many clients elect to receive a more complete picture of their pets health by checking blood work. (pdf brochures, cats, dogs) courtesy of IDEXX.

Preventative medicine starts
with regular physical exams

Next is vaccinating your pet. It is strongly recommended. There are some contagious diseases that are either difficult to treat or cannot not be treated at all. We may need to adjust a protocol for your individual pets situation.

Parasite control for heartworms, intestinal  parasites, fleas and ticks are also an important part of preventative medicine. We can help in the use of the correct prescription medication for the prevention and treatment of parasites. Most importantly we can instruct you on further information needed for complete control. (pdf brochures,heartworm,ticks,tick diseases,both) courtesy of IDEXX.

skin parasites found on cats and dogs

To sum up some of the
major areas of prevention at
Windsor Animal Clinic that
we recommend see the picture at the right.

Obesity is another area we see many problems. There are many approaches to prevention but diet and exercise are the major areas that are stressed. In some cases there may be an underlying medical problem. We would be happy to discuss plans to help your pet.

Senior checkups are often a time when problems are determined before they become a major problem. We highly recommend this as a way to prolong your pets life. (pdf brochure senior pets.) courtesy of IDEXX.

Feline care

New dog

Pet proofing your house.

There are many other areas we may be able to help so please feel free to call for an appointment.