Analysis of urine done at the Windsor Animal Clinic

Windsor Animal clinic has some specialized medical equipment for the analysis of urine. What is involved in analyzing urine ? A complete urinalysis usually involves 3 steps:

1. Checking and recording the color, turbidity
(cloudiness), and specific gravity
(a measure of how concentrated the urine is)
of the sample. Also we have the unique ability
to directly measure the osmolarity.


2. Performing a chemical analysis using a
multi-test dipstick and a specialized machine to
accurately and consistently read the results.

3. Centrifuging a small portion of the sample and examining the sediment (heavier particles) under a microscope. We are one of the few clinics to us a
cytology centrifuge for this purpose.
Also video microscopy helps in developing
a complete report.

The combination is used to generate a complete report for analysis.

This may help in the diagnosis of the following problems.

Urinary tract infections.
Urinary tract tumors
Kidney disease
Urinary crystals
Liver disease
Muscle disease
and more.

(pdf brochure diagnostic testing) courtesy of IDEXX.