veterinary dentistry at the Windsor Animal Clinic

Windsor Animal Clinic does dentals. Just exactly what is a “dental” and what does it involve ?

First your cat or dog receives
a complete physical exam.
All vaccines and routine tests
need to be up to date. Call for
more information.

brochure, (preanesthesia blood work) courtesy of IDEXX.

Often some blood work is required before this procedure. This is to insure no additional problems may be present.
We want the safest experience with anesthesia. Often
other hidden problems may need to be dealt with
before a dental is performed. Blood work needed may include a complete blood count, blood chemistry and
blood  gas/electrolytes to name a few.

Anesthesia is chosen based on the above results. A key to
minimizing any complications is monitoring during the dental while
your pet is sleeping. Pulse oximetry, oxygen, CO2, gas delivered,
EKG, BP are some of the parameters monitored.

Kathy doing a “dental”
Kathy doing a veterinary dental at the Windsor Animal Clinic

veterinary dental instruments used at the Windsor Animal Clinic

Steps in performing the actual “dental”

Tartar removal
Subgingival root planing
Tooth extraction
Fluoride treatment
Pain medication

Kathy scaling

Kathy scaling teeth at he Windsor Animal Clinic

Kathy polishing

Kathy polishing teeth at the Windsor Animal Clinic

Also, if needed, we also offer dental X-rays.

veterinary dental x-rays at the Windsor Animal Clinic

The whole dental procedure may take from 45 minutes to 1-1/2 hours

Important dental tips